Heavy Rubber Rebreather Hood

The Latex Factory

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  • Thick & Heavy Rubber
  • Built in anaesthetic mask
  • High Quality
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Shaped to the contours of the head
  • Comfortable fit
  • Hair guard
  • Zipped back
  • Includes rebreather bag
  • Tight and restrictive


The Heavy Rubber Rebreather Hood encases the head tightly in thick rubber, and holds the built in anaesthetic mask in place over the nose and mouth.
This high quality piece of head gear is designed and shaped to be comfortable and fit the head perfectly.

Included is a rebreather bag which simply fits to the anaesthetic mask by pushing the pipe in. To remove, just pull the pipe out to remove the bag.

The rear zip includes a hair guard, preventing hair getting caught in the zip.

Whether you are looking for a rubbery head trip yourself, or you're looking for a comfortable, easy to use hood to use on your partner, the Heavy Rubber Rebreather Hood is an incredibly popular choice, and one that you will love!