Orgie She Spot Intimate G-Spot Arousal Gel

Orgie She Spot Intimate G-Spot Arousal Gel



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G-Spot Arousal
With ingredients from Amazon rainforest
She Spot provides delicious multiple sensations that evolve and shift during its action: tingling (vibration), coolness, warmth and mild spicy sensations.

The G-spot is characterized as an erogenous zone which can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, intense orgasms and potential female ejaculation when stimulated.
She Spot has ingredients in its formula that stimulate the G-spot area making it even more sensitive, causing sensations that evolve during its activity time. Dare to experience unprecedented sensations with She Spot.


Jambu, native from the Amazon rainforest, stars in She Spot's formula with its powerful tingling vibrating action.
Mentha Arvensis promotes excitement through its double effect, warming which then evolves into coolness. This warming and cooling sensations make Mentha a powerful G-Spot stimulator.

Capsicum Frutescens also has a very important function in the formula. It prolongs the warming effect, adding a mild spicy sensation that completes the incredible effect this arousal gel offers.


How to use

Apply a small amount at G-Spot and wait a few seconds for the effect.

We advise you to start with a minimal amount and, after assessing your sensitivity to the effects, increase or decrease the dose according to your sensitivity.

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