Rebreather Extreme Heavy Rubber Inflatable Hood

The Latex Factory

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  • Strong and thick rubber
  • Inflatable hood
  • Inflatable anaesthetic mask
  • Skin tight and air tight
  • Includes 2 rebreather bags and T-Piece
  • 2 Spearate air pumps
  • Reinforced zipped back
  • Hair guard to prevent hair getting caught
  • Hand Made in the UK


This heavy weight Rebreather Extreme Rubber Inflatable Hood is a rubber lover's dream!

With two separate air pumps, you can control the inflation of the hood itself and the medical mask individually.

Once inflated, the hood becomes air tight and skin tight, and is a real head trip!

Included are two rebreathing bags and T-Piece, which can be attached and removed as required.
Made from two 1mm thick layers (an internal and external layer), the hood's overall thickness becomes 2mm, with a pocket of air between.
The hood fastens with a rear zip, which has been reinforced with rivets, making this hood strong, durable and long lasting. It also has a hair guard to prevent hair getting caught in the zip.

Hand made in the UK, this total enclosure hood is definitely one for extreme kinksters!