Void Tunnel Plug Large



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  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Opens your hole up wide
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Bulbus shaped tip
  • Large

The Void Stainless Steel Tunnel Plug opens your hole wide, ready to accept anything that comes at it! Once inserted, this anal tunnel plug stretches the hole and keeps it open.

Void is designed to be as smooth as possible, giving you the most comfortable fit, and helping it to stay put for longer.

The bulbus shaped tip helps the plug to remain anchored in, and your hole should grip it well.

For some extra fun, heat the plug in warm water, or cool it down in cold water before use for some sensation play!

It's available in two sizes, so nearly all holes can enjoy the filling sensations of Void!


Cleaning - Sterilise in boiling water, and wash in hot, soapy water before use.




Total Length - Approx 8cm

Insertable length - Approx 7.5cm

Widest point - Approx 6cm

Hole Diameter - Approx 3cm

Weight - Approx 340g

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