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Playharda is an adult Wholesaler & Distributor based in the UK. We specialise in supplying independent adult retailers and businesses with unique and different brands, designed to capture and inspire your customer base.


We carry a wide range of products from brands such as Slube, Sheets Of San Francisco, Orige and TET Lingerie, and our own in-house brands are designed around and targeted towards those seeking a more intense and arousing sexual experience.


We cover a wide range of sexual fetishes, with products designed to maximise pleasure in the bedroom, playroom or dungeon.


Whether you’re based in the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world, we’re here to support you and help your business grow.


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Fantastic brands for you and your customers!

We strive to be different.

The exciting brands we carry are ones that we love and trust.


We bring new products and ranges to the market so that you and your customers will see something new and be inspired by our collections. 

We work with many independent retailers and adult businesses who are looking to differentiate themselves and stand out in the market. 

We're here for you.