Maxi Pinwheel

Maxi Pinwheel

Dark & Twisted


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  • 10 Spiked Pinwheels in 1
  • Each wheel has around 20 spikes
  • Each wheel spins independently
  • Use for light sensation play or harder BDSM play
  • Made from strong Stainless Steel

    The Maxi Pinwheel features 10 spiked wheels, each designed to excite the senses and enhance your pleasure!Each individual wheel has around 20 spikes. With the 10 wheels, that totals around 200 intense or tickling pricks, depending on how it is used!The Stainless Steel wheels spin independently over the contours of the body.Hear them giggle with pleasure from the tickles of the Maxi Wheel lightly gliding over the skin.Hear them moan and squeel when harder pressure is used!


Warning - Do not pierce the skin

Cleaning - Sterilise with hot, soapy water.

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