Medical Face Masks

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Keep your staff and customers safe as stores re-open.

These disposable medical face masks are perfect to help prevent the spread of viruses and germs within your stores, warehouses or offices.

Current advice is to use a face covering in an environment where there are other people outside of your household, so use them to hand out to customers as they arrive to wear in your store, issue them to your staff or offer them as an up-sell item at the checkout.

Each box of 50 masks will help to keep you and your customers protected and encourage them to feel safer in your store. 



We are providing these masks to help retailers to re-open their businesses.

We make very little profit on each unit as we are offering them as a service, whether they are used within your business, handed out to those in-store or sold to customers.


As a retailer, if you do decide to sell them on, we please ask that you only make minimal profit on them.


We don't believe that anyone should profit from an item that is in short supply and make money from such a disasterous situation, and we hope you as a retailer will also agree with this philosophy.

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