Mystim Barry Bite Electro Clamps



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  • Bi-polar estim nipple clamps
  • For tingly and lustful sensations
  • Small screws allow you to control the clamp’s grip
  • Simple cleaning with mild soap and disinfectant


Attention: Barry Bites!

Be prepared! Barry is not shy, he'll bite down on those nipples!

These nipple clamps bring tingly and lustfully pleasure to your nipples, vulva or any part of your body. It's up to you where Barry will bite next!



With e-stim, Barry Bite gets even more intense. Each of the two bi-polar clamps stimulate only the skin clamped down. This is why you can have both nipples treated at the same time.

This toy features 4 e-stim areas… there are a lot of possibilities! Bring the power with the Tension Lover or Pure Vibes and you're good to go. Or if you own the Cluster Buster, add one of the Mystim Y-adapters to get started.



You’ll easily find your own favourite area to let Barry clamp down on you. Thanks to the small adjusting screws, it's totally up to you whether Barry is invited for a real bite or just a little nibble. 

The clamp’s gilded contacts make sure your stimulation is an intense and steady sensation.



Barry Bite just needs some mild soap and some disinfectant. Easy!



  • Weight: 2 x 40 g
  • Colour: black
  • Pole: 2 (bi-polar)
  • Electrical device needed
  • Connection via Mystim-plug
  • 12 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS

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