Mystim Cluster Buster Stimulator



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  • Digital e-stim unit including remote control and receiver
  • Makes all your Mystim remote controllable – endless number of toys at a time
  • Twelve stimulation and five training programs give you lots of variety
  • Push the Shock Button and activate the maximum intensity
  • Large, illuminated display and intuitive control for play in the dark


A Big Bang for the whole gang!

Cluster Buster provides a new kind of freedom to your love life. You can have an infinite number of different toys tingling and pulsating in different programs and intensities. It is remotely controlled via a small receiver - the Sultry Sub. (additional receivers are also available - sold separately).

Cluster Buster also features a Shock Button for enhanced fun. Keep the "Shock" button pressed and hit your hartner with maximum intensity.

Pleasuring your partner and/or yourself multiple times has never been so much fun!



With the enclosed electrodes or with one of the many e-stim toys in the Mystim range you'll experience never-ending stimulation.


The only limit to Cluster Buster is your imagination! Bask yourself in a soft tingle for hours and hours or let yourself be pleasured over and over with powerful pulsating – Cluster Buster pleasures you from mild to wild.

Looking to try something new? Choose between twelve stimulation and five training programs. You can also train the pelvic floor muscles with a dedicated mode.



The Cluster Buster comes in elegant black and silver in a robust soft-shell case. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries both in the unit and in the receiver ensure that the fun isn't over until you are.

Thanks to the large, illuminated display and intuitive control, it' s easy to handle, even in the dark. Whether behind closed doors or out in the open, the Cluster Buster is sure to delight you.


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