Mystim Magic Gloves



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  • Bi-polar, electrically conductive gloves for tingling caresses
  • Excellent beginner toy, perfect for erotic massages
  • Virtually all parts of the body can be stimulated sensitively
  • Your own hands are protected against the current by vinyl gloves
  • Easy to clean with mild detergent in hand wash after use

The seductive touch

Being touched means being seduced: Mystim's Magic Gloves invite you and your partner to experience sensual, erotic massages.

Tingly caresses with these gloves, which are made of extra soft material, are truly electrifying. Because each glove is a pole, the tingling flows through the skin over the entire surface covered by the hands. Thus, almost all body regions and intimate areas can be stimulated.

To activate both poles you'll need a stimulation current device like the Mystim Tension Lover or the Mystim Pure Vibes.

No fear of unwanted shocks: The enclosed powder-free vinyl gloves, which are worn under the Magic Gloves, completely isolate your hands. 

Usage and Care

To transfer the stimulation to the touched skin areas, first isolate your hands from the impulses using a pair of the five vinyl gloves already included.

Slip the Magic Gloves over the top and make sure that they do not overlap the vinyl gloves on the arm.

Touch the region you want to stimulate and only switch on the stimulation current when you can judge the intensity. Take care that your hands do not touch each other, otherwise the stimulation will not be transferred to the skin. The stimulation from the Magic Gloves is very gentle, because the percentage of conductive material is much lower than for example with a Toy made of aluminium.

You can clean the Magic Gloves with a mild detergent in the sink. You should also use a hygiene rinse at regular intervals.

Please do not put the gloves in the washing machine or tumble dryer. 

  • 1 Pair of Mystim Magic Gloves
  • 5 Pairs of vinyl gloves
  • 1 Pair of adapter cable for 2 mm plug (socket) and push button (plug)
  • Poles: 2 (bi-polar)
  • Electrical device needed
  • Connection via Mystim Plug
  • 12 months warranty
  • Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS


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