Mystim Sultry Sub Wireless Estim Adapter



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  • Mystim Sultry Sub Black (receiver)
  • Includes cable
  • Includes bipolar self-adhesive electrode
  • Works together with a Mystim Cluster Buster device


Mystim Sultry Subs are true team players: Any number of them will obey their master, the Mystim Cluster Buster.

They will send out electrical pulses to your Mystim toy in order to pamper and pleasure you, just the way you want it.

Use in conjunction with an unlimited number of Sultry Subs to control a range of toys all at once!

In order to be able to use different channels at the same time, you should make sure to use Sultry Subs with different channel numbers (1–8). (For example, you can have an unlimited number of Sultry Sub 3 devices, but these will all send out the same pattern that the Cluster Buster is sending to channel 3)


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