Nipillory Pillory Nipple Puller

Dark & Twisted


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  • Nipple Pillory
  • Grips nipples in a tight grip
  • Chest plate allows you to gradually pull the clamps away from the body
  • Flat packs for easy storage
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for lovers of nipple play


Say hello to the ultimate nipple torture device! 

The Nipillory is a nipple pillory, designed to squeeze and pull your nipples out while pushing against the chest, giving you maximum tug with minimum effort!

This device comes flat-packed and is simple to put together and easy to use. 

Each clamp grips your unsuspecting nipples in a vice-like grip. Then once the ball is rotated, it draws the clamps away from the body, which the clear acrylic chest plate presses against your body, creating a powerful and effective pull. 

If nipple play is your thing, this is one evil device you're sure to need!

(Wooden display board not included)


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