Petits Joujoux Massage Candle Tin - A Trip To Paris

Petits Joujoux

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  • Fine Massage Candles with enchanting scents
  • Conveniently in a tin for everywhere and at every opportunity
  • The wax melts into a pleasantly warm massage oil


The luxurious Petits Joujoux massage candles are a beautiful journey for the senses.

Available in six enchanting scents, inspired by six glorious places from around the world.


A Trip To Paris is a composition of vanilla and sandalwood.

Stimulating, sexy and warming, inspired by the quaint streets of the Parisian Capital.


After the fragrant candle has been lit, the wax melts into a pleasantly warm massage oil enriched with high quality cosmetic ingredients like jojoba oil and Shea butter which provides the skin with nourishment and care.

Petits Joujoux fine massage candles are made from all natural ingredients and are without any artificial coloring or preservatives.


43 ml
1.5 fl oz
approx. 6 hours lifetime