Twisted Wrist Shackles



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  • Heavy duty wrist shackles
  • Stainless Steel
  • Locks with included Hex Key
  • Comfortable and secure


Twisted Wrist Shackles are the ultimate way to restrain your partner!
These heavy, strong, durable Stainless Steel Shackles hold both wrists together, one over the other.

They're designed to be more comfortable than regular handcuffs, thanks to their shape and thickness. No more pieces of thin metal digging in and causing discomfort!

They lock shut using a Hex key, which is included with these shackles.

Weighing in at almost 1kg, once you're locked in, you're not breaking out of these restraints without submitting first!


Wrist diameter - Approx 7cm

Wrist Circumference - Approx 20cm

Weight - Approx 950g

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